Please answer fast!A cubed-shape container has an edge length of 8 cm. The container is filled with decorative crystal cubes. Each cube has an edge of 1 cm and costs 5¢. What is the total cost of the crystal cubes in the container?

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]\$25.60[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:step 1Find the volume of the containerThe volume is equal to[tex]V=8^{3}=512\ cm^{3}[/tex]step 2Find the volume of the crystal cubeThe volume is equal to[tex]V=1^{3}=1\ cm^{3}[/tex]step 3Find the total number of crystal cubes in the containerDivide the volume of the container by the volume of the crystal cubeso[tex]512/1=512\ crystal\ cubes[/tex]step 4Find the costMultiply the number of crystal cubes by $0.05[tex]512*0.05=\$25.60[/tex]